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Belstane Field

Until now, you might not have thought of taking your horse on holiday with you but if it's something you'd like to do then we can probably help.
Not only do we have a loose box free in our stables if you'd like your four-legged friend to be indoors (we can provide shavings and hay at cost, just let us know in advance), but in the summer months we've got plenty of grazing available too - free of charge.

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We are situated in the foothills of the Pentland Hills where there are many rights of way over the hills on the old cattle drove roads and forestry roads where you can ride out. There are even some lochs and reservoirs where you can take your horse for a swim and we’re not that far from Cramond and the Firth of forth where there are miles of beaches for a swim or a gallop.


And if you want a day or two out on your own to explore Edinburgh or for some non-horsey relaxation, then we're quiet and secure enough here for you to be able to leave your best friend out to graze until you come back.


We can take horses from May to September and we have enough grazing available to cater for a couple of horses if you want to 'horse holiday' with a friend. Just give us a buzz on 01506 880543 to discuss your horse holiday needs and we'll try and accommodate you.

What we provide:

Travelling with one horse:

If you only have one horse then we can probably supply most of your needs:

  • • Loose box
  • • Shavings for bedding
  • • Hay (most people will want to bring their own but we can supply if we have a little notice)
  • • Water
  • • Grazing in a field close to your accommodation (gates can be padlocked)
  • • Parking for your float/trailer

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More than one horse:

We usually only have one loose box available but if you're content with grazing then we can take a whole heard of mustangs:

  • • Water
  • • Grazing in a field close to your accommodation (gates can be padlocked)
  • • Secure parking for your float/trailer


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